Political events at the Mediterranean/Balkan Anarchist Meeting – 9-18 October 2015

The Mediterranean/Balkan Anarchist Meeting will take place in several greek cities, on October 9 till 18, while the peak will be the 3days meeting in Chania. The meeting is organised by the “Three Bridges” Anarchist Campaign of Internationalist Solidarity, which consists of local co-ordinations and initiatives of seven cities of Greece, with the support of IFA-IAF,International of Anarchist Federations. The groups, federations and collectives that participated, contributed in the financial funding of the meeting.

We participate with the event  “ο ελληνικός μιλιταρισμός στην εποχή του Συριζα” (Greek Militarism in the Age of Syriza – greek version), first presented in Ioannina during the 5th Antimilitaristic Festival,  that Xupoluto Tagma organized on September 4&5, 2015. The brochure was updated after the event, in order to cover the period until the 2nd electoral victory of Syriza (20/09/2015).

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Athens, Friday 09/10/2015, AUEB, 19:οο

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Balkans Today and the Internationalist Solidarity
















Thessaloniki, Monday 12/09/15, Aristoteleion University, 18:00

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Antimilitarism, Antifascism, Antinationalism















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