Greek Militarism in the Age of Syriza – brochure – April 2016

Continuing our efforts to build relations with comrades outside of greece and strengthening the international solidarity, we translated our brochure “ο ελληνικός μιλιταρισμός στην εποχή του Συριζα” in english. We would like to thank Laura, Sonia and Pantelis for the translation. We didn’t update the data and the dates, so there are no references after Syriza’s second victory in the national elections (20/09/2015). Some footnotes were added for the english speaking reader to understand terms and situations well known to the greek audience. Both english and greek version of the brochure is designed in A4 format, for easy reproduction.

In order to download the brochure in pdf format click on the image!



xupoluto tagma - greek militarism in the age of Syriza - 04-2016

download pdf “greek militarism in the age of Syriza”

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