Political Event in Belgrade – 25/10/2014



Antimilitarism and anti-war initiatives in Ex-Yugoslavia and Greece
– discussion with comrades from Croatia and Greece – 25/10/2014

Anarchist solidarity and anti-war initiatives, a recollection from Croatia.

There is no objective history. There are only different interpretations of what has happened and a very clear idea that the “ordinary”, “little” people are the victims of all systems, whether these systems are founded on this or that ideology, nationalism, religion…The wars that took part during the nineties produced only victims. Victims were caused by the media propaganda, nationalism, the states and their leaderships, local thugs, different obeyers, the ones who “carried out the orders”…
In a situation like that, mass war psychosis, there were still pockets of resistance to the conflict, nationalism, hate and the war itself, although it was all around us and became the integral part of our lives. The new normality. We will talk about (probably with the help of some of the participants in the events that we will describe) anarchist actions of solidarity, different anti-war initiatives and their influence during the nineties.

Militarism and antimilitarism in greece

In greece military service is obligatory for men between 18 and 45 years old, even though all of greece’s neighbours are either members or wannabe members of EU or NATO. Why is this happening? What is the role of greek army as far as state affairs are concerned, both internal and external? How importand is the army for greek capitalism? What is the attitude of the political parties and political/social movements towards the army? What kind of struggles are conducted at present against the army? Are anarchists/antiauthoritarians active against militarism?





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