Gathering outside Recruiting Camp in Arta – 10/11/2014

65 comrades from Arta and Ioannina joined the call of Xupoluto Tagma and gathered outside of the Recruitment Military Camp of Arta on Monday 10/11/2014.

Among the hundreds of men that were called for conscription you could find the name of K. Sakkas, who had declared his public total objection since June 2014. Eventhough he had made clear his hostility towards army, the militarists decided to send him a call again. Obviously, it was his duty to give it back…

Our gathering lasted about 40′ and for sure it distrurbed the normality of the camp. Apart from the public declaration of comrade Sakkas, a second explanatory text was handed out:





When, on March 2014, our comrades Sakkas and Manitsas were requested, for the first time to present themselves for military service, they replied as clear and loud as possible: They will not enlist. Instead they made a conscious choice to proceed to a Total Military Enlistment Denial, and they voluntarily appeared to the Military Drafting Offices of Komotini and Ioannina on 01/09/2014 and 04/09/2014 respectively, in order to present their Public Denial Declaration with the support of our comrades, after first having done the same in the “ΡΟΥΦ” Military Court, on the 20th of June, as an act of solidarity towards the Total Military Enlistment Refuser C.Ritsio, who was standing trial that same day.

Obviously you do not wish to acknowledge the above, therefore you have called upon comrade K.Sakkas again to enlist, on 10/11, in the Military Recruitment Camp of Arta. This is a clear display of your vindictive attitude towards Total Military Enlistment Refusers in addition to the repeated prosecutions, the administrative fines of 6000 Euros and the arrests. Just recently, the anarchist D. Chatzivasiliadis, was arrested once more, and was held in confinement, thus paying the price for his consistent, continuous, and firm anti – militarist action.  

You cannot deceive us. We are already aware of the fact that you have imposed an informal stand-by alert on the troops, and you are using the reserves and mobilization when drafting your plans since the inter-capitalistic competition is at its highest due to the conflict of interests around the marine region of Cyprus. But we will not be fooled by the propaganda of nationalism the sacrifice for the motherland, nor are we willing to have our mothers kiss our dead bodies, while you command us to fight for your interests and the interests of your allies.

Therefore, having to choose between the crime of war and the offence of draft evasion, we consciously choose the latter.

And if you do not wish to realize this, we will be against you, until even the new Minister of Defence and facist, Dendias, understands it.

We are proletarians, we will not join the army, we will not serve our Class Enemy…


Barefoot Battalion / Comrades