Public Declaration of Total Objection to Army – June 2014



Total Objection to Military Service – June 2014

The authorities have notified us, in a timely fashion, that we must serve for the benefit of the nation, we must enlist for their homeland. They wish to teach us how to fight for their homeland. They kid themselves. On March 6th 2014 we chose not to wear the khaki uniforms, we chose not to appear in their military camps. Our choice is political and conscious. We will not become the meat of the greek war machine. The greek army is a mechanism of death, hierarchy, and enforcement, and we are its enemies, its intentional destroyers.

Our behaviors and actions do not compromise with the dominant policy of national unity. We are not a part of the national structure. A structure which, in times of crises and wealth redistribution, in favor of the higher classes, has only one single rhetoric : we all must contribute to the national duty of helping our homeland through the difficult times. They summon us in order to lend our arms in the effort to save the country. However we are not ignorant. We recognize that the army is the ultimate guarantor of the capitalist class, it is the state function with the most destructive potential. From the cretins of the (extreme and center) political Right, to all the shades of the political Left, the stake is the same: The survival of the homeland and the strengthening of national dominion. We will not become part of greek expansionism, that acknowledges the dictatorship of Egypt, that is eager to take part in the Syrian civil war, that defends the interests of greek bosses in the Aegean oil reserves, that is preparing to bury tones of toxic chemicals ,from the syrian war operations, in the Mediterranean  sea , as one more evidence of their imperialistic duty. As long as the “quiet” ordinary people turn a blind eye,  the participation of the greek state’s paramilitary forces in the Srebrenica massacre can remain un-noticed, the engagement of the greek army in NATO’s middle eastern campaign can be insignificant, the murders of immigrant workers in the Aegean can be forgotten and the society would become a vast concentration camp.

A camp that aims to the devaluation of the work force, death and submission for the “insiders”,  and the preparation for the forthcoming carnage to the “outside”. We are aware of the fact and state that war is perceived by the capitalist system as a productive process, the process of death and destruction. Therefore we declare that we will not fight for no god, no master and no homeland.

We are not from those that forget the meaning of the army and the military service. Military service does not just train the male population in the arms and war every time “the homeland is in danger from those of different faith”. It is a cluster of mechanisms. It is the school of total submission to the superiors, thus of blind obedience to hierarchy. It is the school of enforced chores, of lost dignity and self respect. It is the school of free labor for the army and the state, thus of unpaid and free employment. It is the school of behaviors consolidation, the promotion of masculinity and sexism. For some, the army is something different. The shortest school from depression to suicide. The more sensitive people perish that way. Murders of a militaristic mechanism that are never recorded.  Victims of a mechanism that knows how to kill without bullets.

For us, the Barefoot Battalion, but also for all those that refuse to enlist, the total military enlistment refusal is a position of battle in the social warfare. It is a strategic choice against militarism, and one of its manifestations, the mandatory service, since we recognize that is an institution against the exploited ones. The poisonous cocktail of nationalism, racism, sexism and hierarchy, is a solvent that prepare us for the massacre with our , out of boarder, class brothers. On the other hand we are inspired by the glorious traditions of the local and international workers movement; we try to recapture the essence of the workers struggles that declared : “the proletarians have no homeland”. We are convinced that the anti-militarism and internationalism, we propose, is the only possible defense against the warmongering appetite of the bosses.

Our clear position against the military mechanism constitutes a battle in the context of social competition that we all need to wage as long as we strive for a peaceful world, with no classes, homelands and boarders, racial and civil discriminations. We have chosen to give this fight the only way we know : publicly, collectively and with determination. Before you label us as utopians, we argue that history has proven that it is naïve to believe that there can be a just and peaceful capitalist world. And since we acknowledge that you are not naïve, we are not surprised of your vengeful wrath against us. 

You consider us your enemies, and are wise to do so.


K.Sakkas. D Manitsas

Kavala – Ioannina / June 2014




Εν μέσω επαναλαμβανόμενων διώξεων, αυτοφώρων, στρατοδικείων και διοικητικών προστίμων ακόμα 2 αντιμιλιταριστές σύντροφοι δηλώνουν δημόσια την πρόθεση τους να αρνηθούν ολικά τον στρατό. Η κίνηση τους αυτή έρχεται 2 μόλις μέρες πριν τη δίκη του ολικού αρνητή στράτευσης Χαρ. Ρίτσιου, που δικάζεται στο Ρουφ την τετάρτη 25-06-2014. Κανένας μόνος του απέναντι στους χακί εκβιασμούς. Πόλεμο στον πόλεμο των αφεντικών.

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